It’s winter tire time

There is a lot of talk about winter tires lately and many differing opinions as to whether or not the average person living in the GTA needs them. Some say that due to the relatively small amounts of snow we get each year compared to other areas of Canada a good set of All Seasons will do. Some argue that their car’s advanced AWD system can keep them out of trouble. Others will argue that since we live in such a big city, most of the snow is cleared by the time we need to hit the roads. I offer one simple counter argument. What happens when I need to stop? We might not get a lot of snow, but what about wet roads in freezing temperatures and its affect on our car’s stopping distance? My car may have advanced state of the art AWD but how does that help me when a car backs out of a driveway and doesn’t see me and I need to stop in a panic situation?

Bottom line is that winter tires do a lot of things well in the winter when compared to all season tires and summer performance tires, but I only care about one. The simple fact that winter tires will stop better in winter driving conditions than any other type of passenger road tire gives me peace of mind.

Now what type is best? We carry dozens of different brands and fitment for thousands of applications so the best thing to do is to contact us so that we can discuss with you specific options for your vehicle.

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