AEM Power



Founded in 1987, AEM has been one of the biggest names in the tuner market for one simple reason: AEM products win races.

AEM Facts:
•AEM was one of the first companies to engineer and design performance aftermarket induction systems with specific tube lengths and diameters to take advantage of pressure waves in the inlet tract. The tuning of the inlet tract dimension creates more control over the RPM range being affected.
•AEM began to explore the advantages of cooler air on combustion efficiency way back in the mid nineties and coined the phrase Cold Air Intake.
•AEM worked with K&N in 1999 to design conical air filters with built in air horns at the filter base to greatly enhance air flow into the inlet duct.
aem3•AEM developed the first dual chamber intake kits designed to generate more power over a broad RPM range.
•AEM designed a unique air bypass valve in order to avoid hydro-lock situations for systems where the filter is low enough to encounter water at certain times.
•AEM created one of the first hybrid induction systems for cars with engine swaps.
•AEM has developed an electronic solution to MAF sensor scaling problems when using non stock inlet system dimensions for additional power. (Source.)

SPI recommends the V2 Cold Air Intake. AEM has intakes for Domestic and Import applications. Give us a call for more information.


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